Bruder Cake



One of my love-to-do-things over a weekend or Sunday is baking. This is one of many I have baked in about 4 years and this is one of the bread cake loved by whole families ; aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, sibling. I think since many of my relative have moved to Jakarta from our home town in North Maluku where this cake is well known and liked, having this bread cake sometimes takes us back to the good days we had . In my hometown, this bread cake is often took its own spot at birthdays, christmas and other special occasion.

I guess, tipping out the family secret recipe is okay ( since it’s a common cake in the eastern past of Indonesian especially Ambon and Manado . Only it may differ according to the first one baked it among the family ).

Ingredients :

7g  instant yeast

8 egg yolks

2 whole eggs

8 tablespoons white sugar

200g sweet condensed milk

250g margarine, softened

400g flour

Optional : raisins, shredded cheese, minced walnuts

Method :

* dissolve the yeast in two tablespoon lukewarm water for 10 minutes till it bubbles up and creamy looking. That means the yeast is alive

* beat the egg and sugar until you have a smooth soft batter. Add the milk

* Mix the wet batter with flour , softened margarine and finally the yeast

* fill it in a buttered flour bread size pan  or any type of pans  you like

* spread the raisins or cheese or walnuts on top or you may do that in the middle of the baking, after  25 minutes of baking

* leave it to raise for about 45 to one hour

* heat oven to 200C.  And bake the raised batter  for about 45 to one hour






2 thoughts on “Bruder Cake

  1. Dear Meraki

    I want to say a BIG Thank you for sharing the Bruder Cake recipe.

    I am from Malaysia and my late father told me stories of how my grandmother used to make this special cake for the family. I never tasted this cake until today when I baked it.

    The wonderful aroma that fills the home when this cake was baking is truly different and unique.

    In those days my dad mentioned they used “toddy” as the raising agent. I followed your recipe with dried yeast and it turned out beautifully…moist, buttery and light,everyone loved it.

    Great to have these traditional cakes making a comeback.

    Warmest regards

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Richard,
      I am happy to know that this Bruder is a ‘legacy’ in your family. I hope everytime you bake one for the family, its wonderful aroma also brings in the lovely memory of your father and grandma.
      Take care.


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