A Street Girl Note

The night is getting late
You’re going home to a comfort place
I am still fighting to get my dinner
You have some nice shoes on your pedicuredfeet
I feel the cold dust cover my hard and rough feet

You are sitting on a nice leather seat
I have no chance to sit ( it’s easier to run when the civil service policemen come after us )
You are thinking on buying a new outfit for a meeting next week
I have this dress on me for two days already ( it’s a bit stinky and dirty but nobody cares enough to get close so I don’t mind either )

Sometimes you feel sad because your kids don’t want to be hugged anymore or your partner prefers to sleep at the office than in your arms
I have the whole night hugging my little brother and my mother , not because we want to get warm but that’s the only way we could each feel a bit luxury of the used old thin 1×2 mattress 

At many nights you watch emptiness lurking you around
While yelling and scolding pry on me day and night
You are busy choosing the best and expensive kindergarten for your little one
I am worrying if tomorrow I can still attend the free school near the dumping ground

You are worried to get the sun touch your skin
I pray for the sun to stay with me everyday so I can roam the street selling papers or snacks 
( rainy days will get me into trouble. Mother always reminds me that getting sick could mean dying . We can’t afford a visit to the doctor )


You are excitedly counting the days for holidays 
I have no calender to remind me what day is today
Our list of living a different path of life could be longer than this, 
but you know one thing we have in common ?
We both are fighting for our inch and trying to live on it the best we could


( picture taken from my car one night at 11.30pm in May. A street girl with his little young buddy -brother or friend- are selling evening papers )





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