She shyly smiled while arranging the ironed clothes. She couldn’t wait till the afternoon . The very dry and hot temperature stung into the house, pierced through the thick wall and the wide opened windows, stroke every naked skin ; the face, the arms. But it seemed the sultry weather that annoyed everyone didn’t bother her a bit . Though she continued to wipe her forehead with a hand towel that was always in her pocket ( mother told her to be clean and neat all the time ), her whole body felt cool, like it was sprung with cold water every 10 minutes.

Her smile grew wider when she remembered that face with thick eyebrow and Neymar’s hair style, said hello to her for the first time.

One morning when she was walking Jupiter with Mbak Tya * , they met that young man with Neymar’s hair , near the pool at their neighborhood complex. When they met, the man stopped, smiled at them and said “good morning.”

At first, Ina didn’t pay much attention to the man but because of Tya stopped and replied to his greeting, Ina glanced at him whose face was sweating. Ouch. Suddenly Ina felt her heart beat faster when he gave her a hand shake and said his name.

“I am Ru. What a beautiful Golden you have here,” he bent down and stroke Jupiter’s head. Jupiter who enjoyed a stroke on his head immediately sank down to the ground

Ru. Cute name, thought Ina.

She and Tya said their names.

“Marianna. Just call me Ina.”

Neymar eh Ru smiled. What a nice smile . Again she felt her heart beat went on a sky rocket blast .Dooh , what is it ?

“Beautiful name. Why just Ina ? “

“It easier to remember ,” Tya laughed softly. Ina did too.

They chatted briefly while Ru affectionately stroke Jupiter’s head. Jupiter was starting to feel sleepy. Ina pulled off his chain so Jupiter would not fall asleep. If he did, who would be able to drag his big and heavy body ?

“We are neighbor then. I live two blocks from yours, “ said Ru.

“Apparently yes. But two blocks are not really neighbor, just close by,” Ina laughed.

They parted. They wished to see each other again. Ina wished hard. She had taken Jupiter for his morning walk for almost 4 months but just today she met that friendly good looking man . She thought of being more eagerly to walk Jupiter.

And it seemed like their fate had crossed. They met again, incidentally . She was looking around the book shelves when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Hi, are you a fan of   Bernard Batubara ?”

Ina glanced over her shoulder , a little bit surprised but then smiled softly. The good looking man with Neymar’s hair was smiling at her. This time his face and hair were sleek. His face was clean, a bit tanned. And his hair was neat. Perhaps he used pomade . Looked more attractive.

“Hi. Ehh, not yet. This is my first time,” she held Surat Untuk Ruth in her palm.

“You should read this. Good novel,” Ru showed up his right thumb .

“You’re a fan ?” Ina looked him curiously . It’s quite odd that a young man like Ru loved love stories.

“Kind of,” Ru laughed. “His love stories are beautiful and sad. Anyway, if I tell you then what’s the need to read the novel ? It won’t be fun. You should experience it yourself.”

Wow. One more good point for this Neymar, thought Ina. Good looking, polite, and he was not reluctant to admit that he loved to read love stories, not only watched football game. Wait, was he a fan of football as well ?

“Bernard’s got some other books. Milana, Cinta, hmm what else ? I forgot. I’ll let you borrow if you like . Actually they’re my sister’s” he whispered . “But you may borrow it. I borrowed the ones I have read from my sister .”

Ina smiled blissfully. “ OK. Sounds good.”

“How is Golden ?” asked Ru by the time they have seated at a café beside the bookstore , enjoyed their mixed fruit ice and tape bakar.

“Jupiter ?” He’s fine and still fall asleep instantly if someone stroke his head.”

Ru laughed. His laugh sounded nice, Ina thought. It’s crispy like eating potato chips , kriiuuk. Suddenly Ina felt uneasy.

“It’s strange that we haven’t met again since that morning at the park,” said Ru.

Ina blushed. Hmm, he seemed to remember their meeting. No wonder, it was only 3 days ago. Ina felt silly.

“I have morning classes. I don’t have much time taking Jupiter for his morning walk.”

“You do ? Where do you go ? My schedule is mostly at noon this semester.”

“Japanese literature at Atmajaya,” said Ina.

“Interesting. You look like you belong there,” Ru teasingly looked at her.

Ina felt her cheeks blushed. “ Why is that ?”

“Your face is like Japanese’s. Porcelain skin, small eyes with straight black hair,” Ru laughed. “Sorry, sometimes I talk harshly but I am just teasing you.”

But Ina didn’t get upset or annoyed. Her face flushed and her heart beat faster than normal. Ru was attractive. His gesture, his voice, the way he talked. It felt good just being with him for hours.

“In fact, you are the one who should be a Japanese. Your name sounds like one,” joked Ina.

Ru laughed. “I am, am I ? Actually my name is Rudolf.” “

“May I call you sometimes later ? Do you mind giving me your pin number ?” Ru asked plainly.

Ina felt flattered. Actually she hoped that they would exchange their phone number but she didn’t know how to say it. Luckily Ru had made the first move.

Since then they called each other often and some Saturday mornings Ru would pick her up to have a morning walk with Jupiter. Ina felt that she had a deep crush on Ru and she was pretty sure that Ru felt the same for her. It’s only they had not talked about how they were feeling for each other.

And today, Ina felt that her wish would come true . Yesterday Ru called her and asked

“What are you up to tomorrow ?”

“Not much. I just want to finish Bernard Batubara’s LOVE, get lazy at home. Or maybe see a new good movie at 21.”

“Well then, what if I ask you out ? If there is a good movie then we see it. Call it a date. What do you think ?”

Ina felt her cheek flushed. She smiled gaily. They had never had a date before, just few times walked together at the park. It seemed like something good would happen between them . Her heart was carried away in a blissful feelings. In a flash she forgot she was talking to Ru on the phone .

“Heloo. Ina ? Are you still there ? If I bother your date with Bernard then it’s okay. We can go out next time .”

“Oh, you don’t. Not at all. I am glad we will go out tomorrow.” Ina said nervously. Stay calm, Ina, stay calm. But Ina could not hide her happy feeling and her pounding heart.

“Ok then, great. I’ll pick you up at 5. “

“Ok. See you.” By the time she had not heard Ru’s voice over the phone, Ina jumped out of the couch and called out for Tya in a vibrant happy sound she did not try to hide. She did not mind even if Jupiter knew she was very happy .


“Hey,“ Tya tapped her arm slightly. .

Ina jumped in a shock. . “Duuh Mbak Tya. You scared me. “

“ You should be. You are staring at those clothes with your eyes beam. Who are you thinking of ?”

“No one . I am not thinking of anyone, Mbak,” Ina smiled shyly.

“What do you think of this ?” Tya smiled at Ina happily, showing her beautiful peach dress to Ina. Ina was still holding a basket full of clean clothes she just finished ironing.

Ina nodded and smiled. “You are pretty, Mbak. Very pretty.”

All her fantasy about the man stumbled into pieces. That’s enough to lie on herself with the fantasy . It’s time she woke up from her dream . A dream that would not be a real one.

Mbak Tya was very lucky. In few minutes she would be picked up by the Neymar guy who had a lovely smile. Ever since they met at the park that morning, Ina wrote her own fantasy about Ru in her mind. Ru’s face flashed in her eyes every time Tya told her their meetings and calls .

She knew she was just a housemaid even though the whole family treated her like their own, especially Tya who had no sisters. She was only one year older than Tya. Tya loved to talk with her and taught her many things . Tya asked her mother to enroll her into short courses like cooking, sewing so that she could have practical skills . Five years ago she came here from her small village in East Nusa Tenggara to live with Tya’s family.

Tya said though she did not go to college, she had to have some skills so one day she could make a better living than just being a housemaid. Tya always reminded her to take goof care of herself and be careful to befriended with men . Tya did not want her to be fooled around by men as Ina had a pretty face .

Ina glanced down at the floor, feeling a little bit sad. If she met a man like Ru , she would not mind being a fool. She had noticed how good Ru treated Tya when they met. But Ina was happy for Tya because Tya was a very kind girl.

“It’s time I get rid of my crazy dream about this Neymar guy. I hope one day I meet another good Neymar guy.”

Ina lovingly looked at Tya who was walking toward the front door . Ready to welcome her special guest whom she had been waiting for the whole day.

Note : * Mbak Tya.

In Indonesia a young person calls an older woman as Mbak ( Miss ) or a housemaid calls the daughter of the house.



Dia tersenyum-senyum sendiri sambil merapikan baju setrikaan. Rasanya tidak sabar menunggu sore tiba. Udara Jakarta yang sangat panas dan rasanya menyengat sampai ke dalam rumah, menembus lapisan tebal dinding dan ruang terbuka jendela-jendela yang sengaja dibuka lebar, menyambar setiap kulit telanjang yang dilewatinya, wajah, lengan. Tapi sepertinya kegerahan yang menghinggapi semua orang di rumah tidak mengganggu Ina. Walaupun sudah berkali-kali dia menyeka peluh di dahinya dengan saputangan handuk yang selalu dikantonginya ( pesan Ibu dia selalu harus bersih dan apik ), seluruh tubuhnya terasa sejuk, seperti disiram air es setiap 10 menit.

Senyumnya makin lebar ketika mengingat wajah cowok dengan alis tebal dan rambut ala Neymar itu menyapanya pertama kali.

Dia sedang membawa Jupiter jalan pagi bersama mbak Tya ketika mereka bertemu dengan cowok berambut Neymar itu di taman dekat kolam renang kompleks . Ketika mereka berpapasan, cowok itu berhenti ,tersenyum dan ber ‘selamat pagi’ kepada mereka.

Mulanya Ina tidak terlalu memperhatikan cowok itu tapi karena Tya juga berhenti dan membalas salamnya, Ina mulai memperhatikan cowok yang wajah tirusnya bermandi keringat di depannya. Duk. Tiba-tiba saja Ina merasa jantungnya berdebar cepat saat cowok itu mengulurkan tangannya sambil menyebutkan namanya.

“Saya, Ru. Bagus sekali Goldennya,” cowok itu jongkok dan mengelus-elus kepala Jupiter. Jupiter yang sangat suka dielus kepalanya langsung selonjor duduk.

Ru. Namanya lucu, pikir Ina.

Kemudian dia dan Tya menyebutkan namanya masing-masing.

“Marianna. Panggilannya Ina.”

Neymar eh Ru tersenyum . Cakep sekali. Ina tambah berdebar. Duuhh, kenapa ini.

“Nama yang cantik. Kok jadi Ina ?”

“Biar gampang ngingatnya,” sahut Tya sambil tertawa. Ina juga ikut tertawa.

Mereka berbincang sesaat sambil Ru asyik mengelus-elus kepala Jupiter. Lama-lama Jupiter mulai tertidur. Ina menyentakkan talinya agar Jupiter tidak benar-benar tertidur. Kalau tidak, siapa yang sanggup menyeret tubuhnya yang gede dan berat itu.

“Kita berarti tetanggaan ya. Aku dua kompleks dari rumahmu,” ujar Ru.

“Iya ya. Tapi dua kompleks sih nggak tetanggaan, dekatan kompleks ,” Ina tertawa.

Mereka berpisah dengan saling berharap bahwa mereka akan ketemu lagi. Ina amat sangat berharap. Dia tidak menyangka sudah hampir 6 bulan ini dia rajin membawa Jupiter jalan pagi, baru hari ini dia ketemu cowok ganteng yang ramah. Dia akan jadi lebih rajin membawa Jupiter jalan pagi.

Dan sepertinya nasib sudah menggariskan bahwa mereka akan bertemu kembali, tidak di sengaja. Dia sedang mencari bacaan ringan untuk menghabiskan weekend nya ketika suara yang serasa dikenalnya menyentuh pendengarannya.

“Hai, suka Bernard Batubara juga ?”

Ina menoleh dengan sedikit kaget tapi kemudian tersenyum sipu. Cowok berambut Neymar itu sudah ada di hadapannya. Kali ini wajah dan rambutnya tidak basah karena keringat. Wajahnya bersih, agak kecoklatan , dan rambutnya tertata rapi . Mungkin diberi sedikit pumade. Tambah menarik.

“Hai. Ehh, belum jadi fansnya. Baru mau baca,” ditimangnya Surat Untuk Ruth ditangannya.

“Musti dibaca. Bagus,” Ru menunjukkan jempolnya sambil tersenyum.

“Fannsya ?” Ina menatap selidik. Tumben cowok kaya Ru suka bacaan tentang cinta .

“Bisa dibilang begitu.” Ru tertawa. “ Kisah cintanya indah tapi juga sedih. Anyway, kalo aku cerita nanti kamu nggak mau baca. Musti ngalamin ceritanya sendiri baru seru.”

Wah, satu point lagi buat si Neymar ini, pikir Ina. Ganteng, sopan dan tidak malu mengakui dia suka baca kisah cinta yang indah, bukan hanya nonton bola. Apa dia suka bola juga ya ?

“Ada bukunya yang lain juga. Milana, Cinta, apalagi ya ? Aku lupa. Nanti aku pinjamin deh kalau kamu mau. Sebenarnya koleksi adikku,” bisik Ru perlahan. “Tapi boleh kok dipinjam. Aku aja bacanya karena pinjam ke dia.”

Ina tersenyum geli. “Ok, boleh. “

“Apa kabar di Golden ?” tanya Ru ketika mereka sudah duduk berdua di café sebelah toko buku sambil menikmati segelas es campur dan tape bakar.

“Jupiter ? Baik masih tetap tertidur kalau dielus kepalanya.”

Ru tertawa . Enak bunyi tawanya, pikir Ina. Renyah kaya makan Chips, kriuuk. Ina tiba-tiba jadi salah tingkah.

“Kok kita nggak ketemu lagi sejak di taman pagi itu ya ?” celetuk Ru

Ina tersipu. Hmm, dia masih ingat rupanya pertemuan mereka pagi itu. Ya pastinya. Kan itu baru tiga hari lalu. Ina jadi geli.

“Aku kuliah pagi, nggak keburu kalau musti bawa Jupiter jalan.”

“Oya ? kuliah di mana ? Aku kebetulan kuliahnya banyakan siang semester ini.”

“Sastra Jepang Atmajaya,” sahut Ina.

“Menarik. Sepertinya kamu cocok kuliah itu,” Ru menatapnya menggoda.

Ina merasakan pipinya panas. “Memangnya kenapa ?”

“Wajahmu sudah mirip orang Jepang. Kulit putih, mata kecil dengan rambut hitam lurus ,” Ru tertawa. “ Sorry, aku emang nggak nyeni kalo ngomong,” lanjutnya.

Tapi Ina tidak marah atau kesal. Dia malah semakin tersipu dan deg-degan. Ru benar-benar menarik. Orangnya. Suaranya. Ngomongnya. Rasanya betah aja kalo ngobrol lama-lama sama dia.

“Harusnya kamu yang jadi orang Jepang ya. Namamu sudah mirip orang Jepang,” balas Ina.

Ru tertawa. “Harusnya ya . Tapi sebenarnya namaku Rudolf .”

“Boleh kan kapan-kapan ngobrol lewat telpon ? Minta pin mu atau nomor hp mu,” ujar Ru terus-terang.

Ina tambah salah tingkah. Sebenarnya dari tadi dia berharap mereka bisa saling bertukar nomor telepon tapi dia tidak tahu bagaimana caranya. Syukurlah sudah didahului oleh Ru.

Sejak itu mereka rajin saling menelpon dan beberapa kali Sabtu pagi Ru menjemputnya untuk jalan pagi sambil membawa Jupiter. Ina merasa dia mulai jatuh cinta sama Ru dan dia yakin perasaan Ru juga sama dengannya. Hanya saja sampai hari ini tidak ada seorangpun diantara mereka yang berterus-terang tentang itu.

Dan hari ini, Ina merasa penantiannya akan terjawab. Kemarin Ru menelpon dan bertanya .

“Besok ada acara apa?”

“Nggak ada. Pengen nyelesaian Cinta-nya Bernard Batubara.Leyeh-leyeh aja di rumah. Hhmm kalau rajin nanti liat ada film bagus nggak di 21.”

“Kalo gitu aku ajak jalan sorean, mau ? Skalian kalo ada film bagus kita tonton. Gimana ?”

Ina merasa pipinya memerah. Dia tersenyum lebar. Sebelumnya mereka belum pernah jalan bareng kecuali jalan Sabtu pagi. Mereka hanya rajin telponan. Sepertinya ada sesuatu yang indah bakalan terjadi besok sore. Saking senangnya, dia tidak menjawab pertanyaan Ru sampai cowok itu berujar.

“Heloo. Ina ? masih di situ ? Kalau aku ganggu acara mu bersama Bernard, nggak apa-apa. Lain kali juga bisa kok.”

“Ehh..oh nggak . Nggak sama sekali. Aku senang kok jalan bareng besok,” Ina terbata. Tenang Ina, tenang. Tapi Ina tidak bisa menyembunyikan rasa hatinya yang berdebar-debar.

“Ok kalau begitu. Thanks ya. Kujemput jam 5 besok ya.”

“Okay. Sampai besok.” Begitu sudah tidak terdengar suara Ru di ujung telpon, Ina melompat dari duduknya dan meneriakkan nama Tya dengan rasa senang yang tidak disembunyikannya. Dia tidak keberatan sampai Jupiter pun tahu hatinya amat sangat senang menunggu besok sore.


“Heh, melamun. “ Tya menepuk lengannya .

Ina melaonjak kaget. “Duuh mbak Tya. Kaget nih. “

“Habisnya melototin baju-baju itu sambil matanya menerawang. Melamunin siapa sih, Na ? “

“Nggak ada siapa-siapa yang dilamunin , Mbak.” Ina tersenyum malu.

Gimana ? “ Tya tersenyum sumringah di depan Ina yang masih memegang keranjang berisi baju yang sudah rapi di setrika.

Ina mengangguk-angguk sambil tersenyum . “Cantik, mbak. Cantik.”

Seluruh angannya tentang si cowok berambut ala Neymar itu luruh seketika. Sudah cukup dia membohongi dirinya sendiri selama ini dengan impian yang sungguh mustahil untuk jadi kenyataan.

Betapa beruntungnya mbak Tya. Sebentar lagi dia akan dijemput oleh si Neymar yang senyumnya manis itu. Sejak mereka bertemu di taman pagi itu, Ina menulis angannya sendiri tentang Ru di benaknya. Wajah Ru selalu terbayang setiap kali mbak Tya menceritakan pertemuan-pertemuan dan teleponan mereka kepadanya.

Dia sadar, biarpun dia hanya sebagai asisten rumah tangga di rumah keluarga mbak Tya sejak lima tahun lalu ketika dia pergi dari kampungnya di NTT , mereka semua menganggapnya sebagai keluarga sendiri. Terutama mbak Tya yang tidak mempunyai saudara perempuan. Umur mereka hanya terpaut setahun.Mbak Tya suka mengajaknya ngobrol dan mengajarinya banyak hal dan meminta ibunya untuk memberi berbagai macam kursus agar dia mempunyai banyak keahlian untuk dirinya.

Kata mbak Tya, biarpun dia tidak kuliah, dia harus berpengetahuan banyak agar suatu saat dia bisa buka usaha sendiri. Dan mbak Tya selalu berpesan agar dia berhati-hati kalau berkenalan dengan cowok karena dia berwajah cantik dengan hidung mancung dan mata besar seperti kebanyakan perempuan dari daerahnya. Kata mbak Tya dia tidak mau kalo Ina dibodohi oleh kegombalan cowok yang ditemuinya.

Ina menunduk sedih. Kalau cowok itu seperti Ru, dia tidak berkeberatan sama sekali, karena dia bisa melihat caranya Ru memperlakukan mbak Tya kalau mereka bertemu. Tapi dia berbahagia untuk mbak Tya karena mbak Tya seorang gadis yang sangat baik.

“Sudah saatnya aku menghentikan angan gilaku tentang si Neymar itu. Semoga suatu hari aku juga bertemu dengan seorang Neymar yang lain.”

Ina memandang dengan penuh kasih mbak Tya yang berjalan sambil sesekali menoleh sumringah ke arahnya, menuju pintu depan yang sedang dibunyikan belnya oleh tamu yang telah ditunggunya.


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