Lunch Box ( flash fiction )

He waited impatiently and feeling anxious at the same time. His palms started to sweat . He did not know it’s for joy or nervous. It felt like a cold feet one. Yup. That was it. ‘What if’ was shooting his head. What if she answered the call and he was speechless .

The Samsung in his palm felt a bit greasy . He put it onto the left hand and rubbed his right palm against  his T-Shirt. He didn’t pay attention to the sweet eagle eyes in front of him. He was too anxious to think about anything else except for what would the girl say when she answered the call in any  seconds now.

“Why does it take so long ?” he got more impatient.

“Easy, champ. Maybe she hasn’t heard it.”

“My heart is thumping,” he said in a whisper to the woman who was sitting in front of him. He wondered, why he didn’t feel like this when he talked to Alvian.

The woman felt a sudden pull around her mouth. She desperately wanted to laugh it out but she held herself nicely , and instead, she smiled wildly wide.

All of a sudden, the round cute face with blushing cheeks in front of her became tense.

“Uuhh ehh …” he answered a hello he heard over the phone.

“Go on…”

With his heart was thumping faster, he replied.

“Hello Beatrice, this is Toara.” He glanced at his mother who was holding up a thumb towards him.

“Hmm..I just want to say thank you. You have shared me your lunch. Mommy forgot that it was not the lunch together day.” He gave his mother a giggle. He was blushing all over.

“That’s all. Bye…” he gave the mobile to his mother and ran outside. The mission was accomplished. Actually he already said thank you to Beatrice at school.He just wanted to hear that sweet voice once again . That nice little girl with Princess Elsa hairstyle had shared her peanut butter bread with him at lunch time.


Dia menunggu dengan rasa yang tidak karuan. Tangannya mulai basah oleh keringat. Entah keringat senang atau keringat gugup. Sepertinya keringat panik. Ya tepatnya itu. Panik kalau deringan di ujung sana disahutin  dan dia tidak bisa berkata-kata. 

Samsung di tangannya mulai agak licin karena basah. Diopernya ke tangan kirinya lalu menggosok-gosok telapak kanannya ke T-Shirt tanpa peduli pelototin manis di depannya. Dia terlalu gugup untuk memikirkan hal lainnya selain membayangi kata apa yang akan diucapkan cewek berkuncir itu saat menjawabnya dalam beberapa detik mendatang.

“Kok lama ya ?” dia mulai tidak sabaran.

“Sebentar lagi. Mungkin dia nggak dengar.”

“Hati aku kejeduk-kejeduk, ” dia berkata seperti bunyi bisikan ke perempuan yang  duduk di depannya. Heran, kenapa kalau ngobrol sama Alvian hatinya nggak berasa kaya gini ya.

Perempuan di depannya merasakan tarikan tiba-tiba di seputar mulut dan pipinya. Dia ingin tertawa geli  tapi ditahannya . Alhasil dia hanya tersenyum amat sangat lebar sambil  mengangguk-angguk.

Tiba-tiba wajah bulat dengan pipi merona merah di depannya mendadak tegang. 

“Uuuhhh eeh…” dijawabnya dengan gugup sahutan halo di kupingnya.


Dengan hati yang tambah  kejeduk-kejeduk, disahutinya suara bening itu.

“Halo Beatrice. Ini Toara.” Dilirik Mamanya yang mengacungkan jempol sambil tersenyum manis kepadanya.

“Eehhh…aku mau bilang terima kasih, tadi kamu sudah share ke aku roti kamu. Soalnya Mamaku lupa hari ini nggak ada makan bersama.” Dia tersenyum malu ke arah Mamanya. Pipinya bersemu merah. 

“Udah ya. Byee..” diserahkannya Samsung di tangannya ke Mamanya lalu berlari keluar . Misinya telah selesai. Dia hanya ingin mendengar suara  Beatrice setelah tadi, gadis kecil berkuncir princess Elsa itu berbaik hati membagi lunch box dengannya. Padahal tadi di sekolah dia sudah bilang terima kasih.  


9 thoughts on “Lunch Box ( flash fiction )

      • Wow, you are moving ? Still in London area ? I hope you love your new place. Don’t forget to put the beautiful paintings on the wall☺. Oh, I am doing fine. And thank you dear Reva, for reading my “babyish” blog hehe

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not moving out of London. ….just another flat in another area. I was a tedious week with so much of packing. Moved in on 1st…………taking my lazy time.
        I am already in love with my new place. Its beautiful. All my paintings are nicely warming up way back in India.
        Your blog is not babyish…………… has its unique essence…………… and I love it. Do not degrade your own work. Start loving your work the way I am loving yours. 🙂
        See I am carrying one more 🙂 for you.


      • Thanks for the story. Always love to hear how you are doing. Oh, they all went home to India ? (The paintings) ok,ok, then you’ll make new ones 😆.
        Terima kasih ( thank you ) sooo much for the positive push. I do I do 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • You are welcome to hear my wonderful and lengthy stories, any time. Yes, they are there….all alone without me.
        Nope,,, I will not make new paintings now……….i will make new stories to tell you.

        You gimme back my positive push when I am low. Until then….keep it with you. 🙂


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