My story

I stood there
embracing lives
the Joy touched me lightly
as their spirit danced with fire
the Broken heart hugged tightly
releasing their pain through my skin
the Dying laid their empty hands
freeing their soul before going home
I stood there
watching the rain, the sun, the rainbow and the snow
coloring my path with their stories



9 thoughts on “My story

      • Hi, Reva. Genuine it is and encouraging. For someone whose English is not a daily spoken languange, I am happy to know that they who read my poem can “see” what it tells the way I wrote it. The pleasure is mine, indeed. I wanted to comment about your writing but I don’t know how to do it on mobile ( could not find the comment box yet ) l’ll do it tomorrow with my Mac. (smile)

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  1. No worries dear! Even I am not a native English speaker. So Cheers! Apparently, your English is good so dont worry.
    Emotions are things which cannot be heard or seen ………..they are just felt. Though I have seen and read your poem through my eyes, it is my heart that felt it. I am following you now so that I can be always around to read your poems. Stay blessed and wonderful always. Do not forget to smile. šŸ™‚


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