Because of

Skyscrapers arrogantly spread their wings

chained their octopus feet deep in the ground

leaving a tight space to stand or walk

Fresh air hanging on tip of the leaves

of the dying trees who struggle to stay alive

At many nights , the stars prefer to take a long deep sleep

hiding their beautiful faces behind the night’s wings

leaving the moon to play by herself

she jumps around among the dusky cloud

hopelessly let its grimy haze brushes her cheek

Nowadays , God sneezes more often

Constantly gets cold and high fever,

HIS runny nose and tears floods the earth


5 thoughts on “Because of

  1. Wonderful! Love the amazing story of life and also the moon. So many buildings erected are making man’s space for living crippled. How harsh is the reality. You have put your thoughts very beautifully. Laughing @ God sneezing more often and flooding the earth.


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