Hearty Soup

It should have started as a cool month , reaching the end of October which in earlier years, we would have had rain and the climate was nice. But nowadays, it doesn’t happen anymore. We cannot predict the season according to the month we are having , everything is becoming unpredictable. Well, I am not going to talk about the season here, but it just reminds me of many Winters I spent in Europe for a Christmas holiday many many years ago, where we always looked for a Chinese restaurant for a nice soup, especially hot and sour soup. I think every city we visited, there was always a Chinese restaurant served a delicious hot and sour soup as one of  their entree menu.

Few days ago, I searched the recipe and found one on http://www.seriousseat.com and it looked so good I decided to try it out. But again, cooking is about doing it daily to master the taste ( I think ) . I know mine was not as good as its original’s image looks like but I liked how it tasted. It’s like enjoying a nice cup of hot coco while the snow is pouring down lightly outside a cabin at the foot of Mt.Blanc.

So here it is, my kind of hot and sour soup, taken from the recipe of J.Kenji Lopez-Alt from  seriouseats. I took out the cornstarch as I don’t like mine to be a thick soup.  I just wanted to have a clear one. Not being original alike but still the taste counts (hehe) . Plus, I know my cuts were not as slivers as they should be. I will make it better next time. If you want to know the recipe, just stop by at the website I mentioned here.


Hot and Sour Soup

Second soup I made this week was one of our traditional food from Gorontalo, a province in Sulawesi island. It’s called Binte Biluhuta or we say corn soup. The local meaning is binte for corn and biluhuta means flush, soak in water. The main ingredient for this soup is Tuna fish or for people who love to eat fish, like my family, we also use red bass or grouper . And as usual, I omit few of the ingredients  such as shrimp and grated coconut.  The reason I didn’t use them because I didn’t  have them ready in my fridge .The original recipe contains both.

Its taste is wonderful and unique as you can have the bilimbi, lime, basil and chili flavor in one bowl. I have made it with tuna before and yesterday I wanted to try it with chicken and put more other  ingredients to give it a rich flavor. After trying both tuna and chicken, I decided I love both, They have different flavor and both are delicious.

Here goes the Tuna and Chicken .

The Tuna

The Tuna

The Chicken

The Chicken

The Recipe ( these are the ingredients I used for the chicken )


Ingredients :

* one piece of chiken breast and one piece of chicken leg, cut into small bites

* 400ml water

* one ear of corn, shucked

* one tomato, sliced into 6 pieces

* 3 or 4 onions/shallots, thinly sliced

* 6 to 10 pieces of bilimbi, sliced ( if you could not find it in your area, just substitute it with the juice of one lime)

* 2 or 3 chili padi, thinly sliced ( if you want to have a spicy flavor in the soup )

* 1 green onion, thinly sliced for garnish

* 3 tablespoon of fresh basil leaves for garnish

* sea salt

Direction :

* Boiled the chicken together with sliced onion until it’s half tender

* Add the corn, chili padi and bilimbi . Cooked until the chicken is tender

* Season it with salt and a teaspoon of lime juice. But if you use lime juice instead of bilimbi, just season it with a sprinkle of salt to level the sour of the bilimbi

* About two minutes before you take the soup from the stove, put in the sliced tomato so it won’t be overcooked in the soup.

* Ladle it into a bowl and top with the fresh basil and green onion


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