My own kind of Czech Kolache

I happened to find this gorgeous recipe when I read Susan’s The Kiwi Cook blog that I follow. I felt in love instantly with the recipe and thought of making it. Then I browsed again and found more about this looks-beautiful-bread where other bakers made the variety of fillings. I decided to give it a try one day ago.

And I think I ‘failed” Susan because mine were not as gorgeous as hers. My Kolache tended to getting bigger than it should , though I directly baked them after doing the filling, had them rest for one time rise only. I had no idea why they did. They tasted good, by the way. Can I say, the looks does not determine the heart ?        ( LOL ).

Well, first time is not always as good as we hope, I guess. I definitely will make it again and again , for one biggest reason ( besides it taste amazingly nice ) …I just love the smell when the bread comes out from the oven.

For the recipe, please visit The Kiwi Cook. Susan has plenty of delicious recipes.

They are ready to be beautiful in the oven

They are ready to be beautiful in the oven

My variety of fillings



4 thoughts on “My own kind of Czech Kolache

  1. Hmmmmm looks delicious. I guess….you have every damn quality to become a master chef. Oh Julia, you are good at everything. Hope you are doing well and not straining yourself too much with the cooking thing. I miss chatting with you. Do find some time to come online. Smile on, Please. 🙂

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  2. Helloooo dear Reva. I am doing fine, thank you. Haha, not to worry Reva, it’s like writing, when the energy is in you, you could not help but taking your laptop and write. Do spoil me with your hello, I always love to hear from you. Smile on, you too ( big one ).. . still don’t find the emoticon on this Mac..doohhh


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