A line of closed eyes

The thick eyelashes softly stroke the skin

Slowing down the breathing

She can hear its own sound

Capturing emptiness around

Every piece of affairs racing in

Roaming each corner of its consciousness

Then she starts

Putting them into places

A call to be made

A new book left on page 10

Still waiting an email reply from a colleague

the night spent with a comedy movie might soothe the weariness

or finish the writing delayed for a week already

Trying a new recipe for lunch tomorrow

Wake up early for a walk

or having a luxury of the comfortable pillows for just a bit longer

A charming smile peeks into the sight

Brushing a light blush on the cheeks

A slow scratching ruffles on the door

That small furry Terrier must be in need to go out

A deep air breathed in , lightens a spark of relief

Opens the eyes she smiles

A repose she has gained

From a meditation of her own


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