A Salute to the General

Though as a part of Chinese third generation in Indonesia, I had never heard or eaten this General Tso’s Chicken till today, not to say to cook it .  I believe not many Chinese know about this dish as well as they know ( I do ) Kung Pao or Gong Bao chicken. In Indonesia, the Sezchuan dishes are more well known than Hunan dishes. General Tso’s chicken is a Hunan dish, the Westerners believe it. I just read its history at http://www.npr.or under the file The Strange tale of General Tso’s Chicken by Fuchsia Dunlop.

I found this recipe while browsing about chicken recipes , thought of cooking simple dish of chicken for this weekend. I read the recipe from some blogs and found the “seriousseat”, “food and wine”  and “the steamy kitchen” have interesting looking one.  I went with the seriousseat’s recipe. As usual, I use any ingredients that I have in the kitchen and substitute one or two things that I don’t have.

The recipe that I choose was from seriousseat . I substituted the rice vinegar with the red wine vinegar which I have and the cornstarch with the all-purpose flour ( I looked for it at two small stores near the house and they were run out of it ).

Please visit the websites I mentioned for a more “decent” recipe of this chicken than I have ( smile ).

These are the picture of my hmm-looking-okay-General Tso’s chicken.

The chicken

The chicken

The sauce

The sauce


The result


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