The daunting look .
 Those once was filled with constant fury,
 has no sparks.
 Gazing drearily to nowhere.

 The trembling hands, wrinkled fingers.
 Those once kept a vigorous strength,
 smashed things within his grip.
 Trying hard to get a soft grip on a cup of tea.

 The parched sealed lips.
 Those once threw out rude and abusive words,
 tore delicate heart apart.
 Speaking slowly, haltingly ,almost whispering to     utter a word.

 The limp feet .
 Once the sound of the footstep,
 raised a chilling fear .
 Carries no sound at all
 when it takes a gigantic effort to step forward.

 The weary and powerless figure.
 Display a deep pity.
 Those hollow eyes.
 Pleading for a heartfelt forgiveness
 for all the hurts.

 You have been forgiven, Dad.
 Long long time ago.
 On the day I decided not to become
 Another you to the ones I love.

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