Do we need tomatoes ? – A journey with different eyes and new mind


Sometimes I forgot that my mother is walking into her own world of having a condition of memory loss.
One day I was looking for some basil in the fridge and found two plastic bags full of tomatoes. I was surprised. There are always one or two tomatoes in the fridge but not these many. What was my mother going to cook ?

I asked her. She looked at the tomatoes and seemed surprised herself. She said ; “ Did you buy     these?”

I was in a hurry to prepare my lunch before going to the office so I hastily answered , “I didn’t. You bought some a few days ago. Why didn’t you check the fridge before you buy it ? Now we have lots of them and we are not cooking anything with those tomatoes.”

My mother still looked confused.

“I didn’t buy them. Why would I buy lots of them ?” she looked at me.

Then I knew she had forgotten all about the tomatoes. I looked at her sadly.

She mumbled to herself about the tomatoes.

Still busy preparing the ingredients for my cooking, I said lightly. “So what should we do about it .”

She immediately smiled and said “ Give them away. Camay, Mrs. Dodi, and Narti would love to receive it. Perhaps they are in need with the tomato, we never know. I’ll leave three for us.”
Camay, and Mrs. Dodi are our closest neighbors. And Narti is a day-helper lady at our house.

In a minute , she was busy wrapping the tomatoes.

“We’d never know when we could be a blessing for others. Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are having plenty and others have not. We should not forget to share our abundant blessings,” she said.

“Yes, I know , Ma. But still you have to check the fridge , please ?”

She nodded and smiled.

I was not sure if she would remember to do it when the veggie-cart seller comes by in the morning, but that day I was being reminded what a blessed life we have that we should share it with others in any way we can, even for some tomatoes.


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