Choco Red Bean Ice


This red bean ice can be easily found at a local cafe or cake stall in my home town, an eastern part of Indonesia. In Jakarta where I live now, I have had it at some restaurants that serve Asian food, but I think the recipe I got from my aunt is the best one, especially the sweet and softened red beans which I didn’t find at the restaurants. Another different thing is that the restaurants use shaved ice while our recipe doesn’t.

And as usual, I re-create a bit the recipe I got from my aunt. Here is the recipe of my own.


250gr dry red beans

500ml water

2-3 tablespoon sugar

3 plastic cups

6 tablespoon dark cacao

3 tablespoon chocolate condensed milk

600 ml hot water



For the red bean 

Soak the red beans in a bowl of water for about one hour.

Drain the red bean and pour it into a pot, add the 500ml and cook it until softened . It may take one to two hours of cooking. And you may have to add more water into the boiling. Stir occasionally.. Once they are half softened, add the sugar and cook it till you get a reduced lightly-thick water in it.

Remove from heat. Refrigerate it soon as it’s completely cool.

For the chocolate ice

It’s like you make a cup of hot chocolate.

Pour 200ml hot water into each cup. Add 2 tablespoon of dark cacao and 1 tablespoon of the milk into each cup. Stir immediately. Once they are cool, put in the freezer for about one hour. ( I usually make it in the evening and the next day it’s already done )

By the time you want to eat the ice, put the plastic cup in hot water for two minutes to make it easier taking out the ice from the cup. Slide it into a bowl and crush it with a fork to make it looks like shaved ice.

Let the red bean sit in a room temperature before you get busy with the chocolate ice. This will serve you a softened red bean like you just take it from the heat. You don’t need to re-heat it .

You can always pour some more condensed milk into the ice to make it sweetener .



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