A Little Joy of Mine

Stretch marks cover my belly

Reflecting your perfect growing –bigger, stronger

At many nights I wake up and feel your soft breath in my veins

Sometimes you twist around like a ballerina

I count the days to be able to hug you,

kiss every parts of your tiny being,

caress   your delicate skin,

taste the sweetness  of your breath


You would be the first to teach me how Love is beautiful, unselfish, forgiving, always giving, patient and enlivening

My weariness becomes my strength

My worries turn into my joy


Expecting  you…

My heart beats in an endless awe

In no time you would be in my arms

I would trace your every moves,

record every piece of  your laughter,

save each drop of your tears,  

and treasure every single line of your smile

I would clothe you with comfort, warmth and love that is everlasting


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