There is never a love between us
or is there always one that stays forever ?
You have a special place in your heart
for the girl of your dream,
and to you, I have been in your heart
long before I caught your eyes.
You fall asleep with my last text opens
on your mobile screen
and wake up with a morning call
of my incoming message.
You are the only person I’ve ever left
without saying goodnight and still
I greet my morning with a pleasure in the soul,
knowing you will be the first person I see at the sunrise
(you once said this to me ).
We can go for weeks without words,
still we talk with the same passion
every time our path cross.
We can just cure our longing with a short hello
or talking nonsense for a whole day.
You talk about the girls you adore,
and I chant my new poems to you,
yet we both feel we are talking about
the deepest feeling we have for each other.
We stare at the same sky at night
and we can feel so far away in the moment.
Sometimes distance keeps us close.
Sometimes being together keeps us apart.
I am wondering ( I know you do too )
We are not lovers, we are not best friends
We just like each other too much
( we said this once )
Perhaps there is a love, so rare
that we don’t realize it exists


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