I was there… ( part One )

I took a piece of the most delicate linen

A new , dark purple one and still smelled like fresh air.

Joyfully, I laid it down on the dry and dusty road

cushioned Your steps to the glorious moment

I danced and waved two pieces of palm.

With many other thousands of people

we sang and exclaimed ‘Hosanna…’

Our victory, Glory to the Lord.

When You passed by where I stood,

I was stunned, speechless.

You looked at me and smiled

You smiled not only with Your lips but with Your eyes,

Thrust into my chest, pierced my soul,

it’s like touching my toes onto the refreshing Jordan river

when the heat stroke my skin.

Everyone was dancing, singing in a wild and thundering joy

swung with the shadow of Your robe till we lost You in the sight

I was there …


I stood shoulder on shoulder with thousand of people

in the front gate of Pontius Pilate’s yard.

Everyone was pushing around, jerking and kicking

I didn’t care whom I pushed to make myself reach the door

and moved quickly into the courtyard.

The sound of people talking was like the sound of a hundred thousand buzzing bees,

piercing my eardrum, breaking my consciousness.

Suddenly,there was a chilling silence when I caught Your presence,

stood between the pillars on the patio.

Your golden hair unraveled and messy,

Your white robe had turned into a dusty color.

You had no belt on your waist , instead You had Your both hands roped

But there was one thing that remained the same…

It’s like standing right in front of You,

I looked at the smiling eyes

Passing through the distance between Your place and mine.

My soul trembled.

I was dead silence, losing my mind.

Everyone was yelling about Golgotha and Crucifixion and Barabbas and You

I didn’t make a sound, my lips were numb.

Some people were shouting, like hungry lions, preyed upon their victim

Some other were wailing, shooting up their fists , punched over the sky

Some women were weeping, some other were laughing

I didn’t make a sound, I didn’t make a choice

I was there…


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