The stone and the water. A trip to an ancient time and a wondrous nature

This is another long trip of a weekend getaway . It took us about 6 hours to reach the largest megalith site in Southeast Asia , laid down in Cianjur , West Java-Indonesia. I have planned to see this site since last year and finally I stood around the five terrace of the massive  number of rectangular andesite stones called Gunung Padang.

It’s believed to be built around 5000 BC and was known to public in 1979 after some researches were done. But till today, archeologists still debate about the real time of the hill and the purpose of it. The preliminary indication that it was an ancient pyramid construction.

Apart from the scientific view, it’s interesting to learn about the local’s beliefs about the hill which is connected to the history of Siliwangi kingdom in 1400 and a teaching of how a person should live their life  and a choice made between bad and good deed. It was described in each stage of the five terraces.


This is the 400 successive andesite steps to reach the hill terrace. The modern construction is only the hand railing


It was a very dry  and hot day, and what is the most refreshing thing to have than a cup of mashed fruit salad with a spectacular view of the villages.


This is a traditional way of mashing the fruit. The sound of the wood masher creates a beautiful melody

The mashed fruit salad was sweet, tangy, salty, and mild hot.


enjoying the fruit salad and captured this beautiful view

enjoying the fruit salad and captured this beautiful view

From here we were driven  to see another mega site of Cikondang waterfall, about 7 km from Gunung Padang. It took us around one unpleasant hour of driving  because the road was very bad. It’s really a tracking road for the adventurous  spirit. I just glanced outside and enjoyed the rice field terraces and the hill and some parts are gorges. After all, I was looking forward to see the waterfall. It’s said to be the small Niagara in Indonesia.


one of many views I captured

And I must say it was so… amazingly beautiful. Hidden behind the hill with its gigantic sound cover the air , I just whispered… wow God, You are amazing.


And I caught it, the little rainbow behind the rocks

And I caught it, the little rainbow behind the rocks


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