Chicken Curry


Ever since I eat Japanese food, I’ve never given this dish a second glance at any Japanese restaurants or even while I was in Tokyo and enjoyed all kind of delicious dish around the subway small restaurants.

Honestly , I feel awkward that a kind of curry is in the Japanese food , though I love our own curry dish like the well known Rendang from Padang, West Sumatera. I thought ( back then ) everything about Japanese food are sushi, sashimi, ramen, anything with the last keyword…yaki  but never about curry. Till one day I crossed this recipe at and this time I put a second glance and even reading thoroughly about how to cook it.

A strange change in me, from the one who’s never tasted the Japanese curry food into the one who was excited to cook it. I thought if I cook it, perhaps I would like it. And since I have tested some of Nami’s recipes from her blog, I am pretty much confident that I would love it.

Well, if you give yourself a chance to change, something wonderful could happen. I ended up falling in love with the dish. I almost couldn’t believe me for loving it ( big smile ) but I truly do. I think it’s because Nami created a simple and light recipe for this. But no matter what, I definitely would love to cook it again and again.

Psst… I was a bit scary about the taste of the curry the first time I cooked it so I reduced the curry block less than what Nami put in the recipe. It was lighter, that’s all, but still it’s curry ( LOL ). Next time I make it, I won’t be afraid to use the strong taste of the curry block.

For the step by step making the dish, please visit her blog. She writes it very well, even for this first-time-ever-cooking-curry like me to understand  the recipe and magically recreating it into a wonderful dish.


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