Spiced Coffee Pudding


Arrived home at 9pm and I still wanted to do something in the kitchen. What is the fast easy thing to bake but some pudding ? It will also taste better in the morning after  chilling  in the fridge. Since I got all the ingredients for a nice coffee pudding, I decided to make it.

I created the recipe to my own taste and I think next time I’ll add some nutmeg and clove in it to get the real spices aroma and taste.


1 pack of agar-agar powder ( 7g )

10 gram granulated coffee

2 cups of fresh milk or heavy cream

2 cups of warm water

4 to 5 tablespoons  sugar

4 tablespoons  milk powder ( optional )

1 tablespoon cacao

4 tablespoons  condensed milk

4 pieces of cardamon

sprinkles of cinnamon


Put all the ingredients in a boiling pan and stir it continuously till it just reaches a boiling temps. But I tend to let it really boils to make sure everything is cooked well, about 15 minutes.

You may taste it while boiling the agar to add any sweetness or heavy taste of coffee as you like.

Take the agar off the heat and fill in any molds you use . Let it cool in the room temperature before you chill it in the fridge.


A blind date with nature

I was excited. It’s like having a blind date with a gorgeous guy with mixed up thoughts whether the date would go well or not. But for this blind date, I know what to expect and it ‘s killing me with excitement. For a whole day , I had a spectacular date with these following amazing nature of West Java.

Bukit Moko ( Moko Hill ) in Cemenyan, West Java

Bukit Moko ( Moko Hill ) in Cemenyan, West Java

Woke up from the midnight drive from Jakarta, this is what I see from 5 am till the light bursts onto the sky. Looking down from 1500 above sea level and capture every minute while Bandung city lazily wakes up.

The vegetable fields

The vegetable fields at dawn


At daylight

Green cabbage field

Green cabbage field

The Strawberry field

The Strawberry field

And went on to the untouched sight of the white crater of Ciwidey on the slope of Patuha mountain in West Java.

White crater Ciwidey

White crater Ciwidey

The living leafless trees

The living leafless trees around the crater

there is always a life among the 'dead '

there is always a life among the ‘dead ‘

Lake Patengan

Lake Patengan with tea plantation along side the road

The last picture ends my date. What’s more to be asked for ? Besides, this Lake holds a folklore about a young couple who fought to keep their love forever against the will of their parents and they got a happy ending life.


Good morning…

A thousand layers of sparkling daylight,

Dance through the naked windows

Transform the glints into warm breeze

Dashing around the room , brushing away the coolness that covers the air


Good morning…

A soft twinkle caresses her eyelids

The smell of warm dawn swinging on her nose

Ripple of senses flow into her soul

She awakes in lively flight of a streaming consciousness to a new day


Good morning…

There will be many stories imprinted

Feelings shared…

about love, laugh, tears, fear, joy, beauty, dreams, hope


Good morning…




A traditional taste among the fancy palates


Cassava is one of major food sources in our country besides rice. Commonly we eat  the boiled cassava as an substitute to rice . In my hometown, we like to eat it with grilled fish and vegetable. And we are rich in having cassava for many varieties of cake products as well.

The one I share here is our family recipe. You may also find this cake at many cake counters at the shopping mall but I think it doesn’t taste as rich as the recipe our family has. The cake is soft, thick and creamy. That’s how our family always bakes.



300 gr raw cassava, grated ( 4 cups )

3 egg yolks

2 eggs

8 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons milk powder

200 ml coconut milk

Additional ingredients ( optional ) :

Grated cheddar cheese ( mix into the batter or for topping ) or raisins


Peel the cassava skin and wash well under the running water before you grated. Drain the grated cassava into a sieve to get rid its water.

Put the dry grated cassava in a big bowl and mix it with the other ingredients till well combined.

Taste it for its sweetness. If you like it sweeter, then add some more sugar. Cassava consumes much sugar to make the batter sweet enough.

Pour into a prepared baking pan, already brushed with cooking spray or margarin. I used a 20cm pyrex.

Put the raisins or grated cheese on top before you bake the cassava ( optional ).

Bake it at 190C heat ( the max heat of my oven. But if you have bigger oven, you may put it at higher temp with less baking time ). Bake for 60 minutes to make the cake well done as shown in the picture above. Actually I love to make the top layer  crispier by baking it longer.

Let it cool completely before you eat it. You may store the rest of the cake in the fridge and just warm it in microwave. It stays good for two days after baking.