Weekend Trip

Lately I am fond of taking a day away from the city bustle. I pick up an open trip from a friend’s organized trips and just go to wherever the itinerary takes me.

As to any open trips, we will meet people and make new friends. And as to any encounters made, I know interesting stories of lives in a short scene.

I learn most of them taking the trip to get away from the hectic life they are rushed daily; recharging the energy,to have ‘me time’  from taking care of the family, or just to step away for a day from a lover and meeting new people. I think as an individual we need that once a while -to be lost – and find ourself- in an unknown place, circumstances and strangers.
Amazingly, after 14 hours or two days spending time together, we are no strangers anymore. We would say goodbye to an old friend, not just a person we never thought we would meet.

One day a lady ( she’s a bit quiet during the trip ) said , ” I can’t believe that you all have just met. It’s like you are old friends. I must say, I like this kind of meeting people.”

Then I said to her ; ” This is an open trip, perhaps like it’s supposed to be, we should be open up, just be ourselves . You’d be surprised that the feeling of talking to a stranger is gone in a blink.”

Well, we determine our action and attitude, whether to be a stranger or a friend.


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