Fig ! Fig ! Hurrah

I have done some bakes recently but couldn’t spare the time to be with my Mac and post them. It seemed that I have lost track on what’s going on in here. Glad to be back with my posting. I think the title fits it well as I am sharing about fig today.

I received about a big plastic of fresh figs from a friend. That was the first time ever I ate fresh fig. I  was so excited then busily googling some recipes to make with the figs after finishing a bowl of the fresh ones. Oopss.


These are what I got

And the following are what I made

The Jam

The Jam

Honestly, this is the best jam ever ( big smile ). I still have it in a small container. I have had it with toast bread, muffin, and crackers. So good.

To make the jam, you just need the fresh fig, sugar, a stick of cinnamon and a juice of one lemon.

Peel the outer skin of the fig ( take 1 kg ) , cut into small sizes, place them in a bowl with 500gram of granulated sugar, and cover with plastic wrap overnight.

The next morning, transfer the fig to a pan and bring to boil over low heat. Put in the cinnamon stick and the lemon juice when it comes to boil. Stirring and mashing the fig regularly with a fork or potato masher ( I used potato masher ). Cook the jam for about 45 minutes to one hour till you get a thick and sticky batter. Then it’s done. Let it cool and transfer the jam into a jar. I refrigerate it the next morning to keep it fresh till today. When I want to have it for breakfast, I just take it out the night before.

Poached fig

Poached fig

This is another recipe I made with the fresh fig. I took only 8 fresh fig, peel the skin ( you can cook it with its skin on ) , put into a boiling water,  pour in 5 tablespoon of granulated sugar, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, clove, nutmeg, and some cardamon seeds since I didn’t have the powder one and cook them until tender. It may take about 30 minutes. You should check after 20 minutes to see if they are already cooked well. For the spice ingredients and sugar, you may add or reduce them as you like.

And I found out the best way to eat this poached fig is when it’s just taken out from the refrigerator. Fresh and nice. Hip!Hip!Hurrah !


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