Born on an island, I always love to see the sunset on the sea, even between the bushy leaves of pine tree. I took this from Bira island, on  the north sea of Jakarta.




Seeing the man, traveling alone in the big sea around Harapan island of Pulau seribu ( thousand islands, a chain of islands to the north of Jakarta coast ) a gulf of peaceful feeling seized me.

Caramelized Onions and Boiled Potato

caramelized onion1

I was amazed that this caramelized onions could taste so rich. And it goes perfect with potatoes which I had the boiled ones ( the quickest way to prepare in a short time ).

I had them for brunch actually. That day I didn’t eat proper breakfast ( only a cup of coffee ) so I cooked this and brought to the office .

The caramelized onions are  simple and easy. You only need onions, let’s say three medium.

Slice them thinly and cook it slowly at medium heat with two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Sprinkle some salt in. Stirring occasionally. When onions are softened and golden, sprinkle two teaspoons of granulated sugar or just one teaspoon as you like, and cook onions for another 20 minutes.

Apple turn over

apple turn over1

After watching an episode of Masterchef, I was tickled to bake something. Roaming in the kitchen and fridge, I found two medium apples, olive oil, eggs, flour, milk, honey, and I knew I would come up with something delicious.

An hour later, I enjoyed a piece of Apple turn over with caramel ice cream.

Here is the way I made it

2 medium apples ( I got Pacific Rose on hand ), peeled and thinly sliced as you like

4 tablespoons unsalted butter

2 tablespoons honey

4 tablespoons granulated sugar

Pour all the honey , butter and sugar in to the baking pan ( I used 16cm ) and heat in the oven till all melted. Take out from the oven.

Arrange the apples on the baking pan. Set Aside.

While the butter mixture is in the oven, you make the cake batter. You’ll need ;

70 gram unsalted butter

1 cup flour

2 teaspoons baking powder and a pinch of salt ( mix into the flour )

1/2 cup milk

2  medium eggs

4 tablespoons granulated sugar

Cream the butter and sugar together till soft. Add the egg one at a time , whisk for about 3 minutes. Add the flour and the milk alternately into the egg batter. Whisk till all well combined. Pour on to the apples. You may have the melted butter comes up around the edge, that’s okay.

Bake at 190 C oven for 45 minutes. The cake is well done, nicely brown.

Cool the cake for about 5 minutes before you turn it over on the serving plate.


apple turn over4