Losing myself in a beautiful way



Boys don’t cry


the gleaming drops

flowing around the hazel look

fight their way to the rim of the lashes

pushed back by a lightning of the clenched teeth.

another hard blow slides on left cheek

hot stingy sensation strikes the whole face

he wants to scream out loud

but a soft whisper brushes his mind

“Boys don’t cry, my baby. Hold on, just one more day.”

he makes no sound, only the burning eyes howl

another bad day that only he and his mother understand.




Colorful hairs
Pretty faces
Tensed looks
Confident smiles
Worries stare
The suits
The good smell
And I find myself
trapped in a box of
To be in Today
To be surprised with the unexpected flaws or deeds
To consume the air they are freely given
I wish I had not jumped into this box at first place
I could have taken the stairs instead
I feel my good vibe evaporates

I still question these…

perhaps I am not ready it happens so fast
perhaps I am frustrated to see her that way
perhaps I envy her new world she is in
that shuts me away from her
perhaps I hate those days when she becomes a kid while I am still her only kid
perhaps I’m not patient enough to listen to her repeating words
perhaps I am angry to face her silence while I want her chaos
perhaps I hate myself that I cannot pretend  things are going well in my world
perhaps I’ve been defeated by time to build the bridge  over her flowing river
perhaps I don’t make myself clear enough to let me understand her
perhaps I am scared to lose her too soon
perhaps I know it so well that I just miss her to be her but she is not her anymore


She decorates the house

With beautiful lamps and ribbons

Puts on music 

Sets up the dining table with food and drinks

She wears her pretty dress 

And hangs a sign on the door ; RIP

Today, she buried 

Her demons of all the the failures, the fears, the wounds, the low self-esteem

She died to be alive


Good morning…

A thousand layers of sparkling daylight,

Dance through the naked windows

Transform the glints into warm breeze

Dashing around the room , brushing away the coolness that covers the air


Good morning…

A soft twinkle caresses her eyelids

The smell of warm dawn swinging on her nose

Ripple of senses flow into her soul

She awakes in lively flight of a streaming consciousness to a new day


Good morning…

There will be many stories imprinted

Feelings shared…

about love, laugh, tears, fear, joy, beauty, dreams, hope


Good morning…